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Protecting People


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The Development Team


Hans Almqvist
Technical Director

Former president of Interspiro
Holds a number of patents
Member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Owner of Createc LLC
Vice President of Cool Pac Inc
Instrumental in the development of Positive Pressure SCBA
Originator of this extended duration technology


Shan Raffel


Retired Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Station Officer
Internationally recognised Fire Training Provider
Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers


Graham Croome
Managing Director

ICT and Business Consultant
Qualified Electronics Engineer
Project Managed a number of hi-tech projects
Developed the world’s first Telemetry System
for SCBA in conjunction with London Fire Brigade and the
Home Office

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Mark Chiara

Managing Director of Systag Specialised Safety Equipment Services
Royal Australian Navy Veteran, Engineering
Highly experienced in Breathing Apparatus, Confined Space Equipment, Height Safety Equipment, HP Air and Gas compressors and Generators
Demonstrated history of success in the facilities services industries.
Business partner with Australian Defence Department
Servicing large contracts, mining, aerospace and general industrial customers

Aldila Wuthisasna

Aldila Wuthisana
CFBT Instructor

Extensive training in Fire related rescue etc.
Degree qualified in Public Administration. 
Extensive management experience, with a good relationship with the Thai Emergency Services , Police and Military


Worth highlighting the fact that the technology has already been proven to provide a 30% increase in

  • Is the subject of a US Patent Application
  • Uses Oxygen enriched air
  • Can support double the duration for a given weight of the SCBA set.
  • Meets all the international standards for SCBA use
  • Allows the use of existing air cylinders valves and connectors
  • Charging equipment (that supports the injection of other gasses)

Extended Duration SCBA

Working duration or life expectancy?

Most modern open circuit SCBA sets have a nominal “Working Duration” of around 25 to 35 minutes with a ten minute safety margin. If longer duration is required, it is necessary to use larger volume cylinders or to twin the cylinders. The problem with this approach is that it increases the weight and bulk of the set. 
So why don’t we just increase the pressure of the cylinders. The current cylinder technology for this application does not allow for pressures greater than this, and even if it was possible, it would require the replacement of existing compressors. There is also a significant factor that comes into play when we increase the working pressure and that’s called the “compressibility factor” basically increasing the working pressure from 300 to 400 Bar (a 33.3% increase) only provide around a 19% increase in duration and as already been stated we can already increase the duration by over 30%, without having to increase the pressure, meaning that existing air cylinders can be used and modern compressors can be upgraded and the SCBA set itself doesn’t need to undergo a major redesign.

“Createc are developing a system that has already been proven to provide a 30% increase in duration and has the potential to extend duration by a much greater amount.”




To get to the current stage of development the developers have spent over US$300,000 plus a government grant of around US$100,000. It is now time to refine the technology and test the refined technology to establish the parameters that will allow us to achieve the optimum increase in duration.

We are currently in discussions with Griffith University School of Allied and Clinical Health Sciences on the Gold Coast, who have agreed to conduct the testing on our behalf. We have a firm proposal and would like to get underway as soon as possible.

In order to undertake the refinement and conduct the testing a budget of $500,000 is required. It is expected that Government grant funding of $250.000 will be available thereby leaving a funding requirement of $250,000. Part of the funding will be used to patent the technology in other countries as the patent is currently only applicable to the United States.

In these difficult financial times and the relatively small amount of funding required it has been decided to raise the finance required by way of crowdfunding, and a crowdfunding initiative will be underway shortly. We already have a pledge of $50,000 subject to the required funding being raised, The purpose of this website is an Expression of Interest prior to the launch of the crowdfunding.


This phase of the project is targeted at refining and optimising the technology with commercialisation in mind. Once the technology has been optimised there are a number of exit options.


These being:

  • Sell the Intellectual Property to an interested party

  • License the technology to interested parties

  • Enter into a commercialisation project with interested parties

It is worth noting that the last significant improvement in self-contained breathing apparatus was the introduction in 1971 of positive pressure by Interspiro. By licensing this technology to other SCBA manufactures Interspiro received over US$15M.

Alternative Solutions to Achieve Extended Duration

As you would expect there are other technologies that have the potential to extend the duration of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Some of these technologies are being researched by SCBA companies.

The main competitors researching technology to increase the duration of SCBA are:

Have undertaken some research into reusing the exhaled air but have come across the problem of the exhaled air having less than the 19.5% Oxygen content required under international standards.

MSA are of course constantly researching improvements to SCBA but most of their R&D budget has been concentrated on their latest generation of SCBA and an updated telemetry system.

Scott are investing heavily into 400 bar technology. Most current SCBA uses 300 bar (4341 Psi) so in order to upgrade to 400 bar (5801 Psi) most of the SCBA set will need to be revised and based on the laws of physics the expected increase in duration will only be around 20% and there will be a significant increase in weight.

We understand that Interspiro is current concentrating its R&D resources into diving equipment.


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